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Is It Time to Repair, Patch, or Replace Your Roof?

Roof issues can be tough for homeowners and business owners because of the expense involved in most roofing services, so it can be hard to know if it’s time to repair, patch, or replace your roof. Homeowners in North Texas have a reputable roofing company on their side.

JDM Roofing & Construction LLC, Alba TX’s most trusted roofers, not only have the right roofing services to repair leaks, but they can also replace your roof with high quality roofing materials that will last for years.

Is it time to repair, patch, or replace your roof?

Here’s some of the ways to know what kind of roofing services will best help protect your home or commercial building.

Signs You Need Roof Repair

There are both obvious and subtle signs of roof damage. Obvious damage like missing shingles usually results in roof leaks that discolor or warp paint in the interior of the home. More subtle signs like mold growth or shifted roofing materials need regular roof inspections to uncover.

When Roof Patching Can Work

If you have roof damage that’s localized to a certain area, patching that part of the roof with new shingles or other roofing materials can take care of that damage. This type of roof repair is only recommended for roofs that are under 20 years old and only have that one area of damage.

When It’s Time for Roof Replacement

One of the major signs that roof replacement is the best course is that there are different areas of damage. When your roof is nearing the end of its warranty or is over 20 years old, it can be time for a replacement, even if there aren’t obvious leaks.

JDM Roofing & Construction LLC: Alba TX’s Trusted Roofers

If you’re dealing with roof leaks or worried about your roof developing problems, call the most reputable roofers in North Texas, JDM Roofing & Construction, for a free roof inspection.

Contact us right away and discover what roofing services are for you!

Our Proven Roof Installation Process

When it comes time to get a brand new roof, North Texas homeowners can be worried about the roof installation process. JDM Roofing & Construction LLC, Brownsboro TX’s most trusted roofing company, can set all their fears at ease. We approach every roof installation with a dedication to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, and here’s the steps we take on every new roof project.

Our Proven, Quality Roof Installation Process

Roof Tear-Off – The first step in any roof installation, if it isn’t a brand new home construction, is to remove the old, leaky roof. This is a very important step, as roofing materials installed over other materials won’t have the same waterproofing as those installed on fresh roof decking.

Install Roof Underlayment – There are various things that need to be installed before roofing materials like shingles can go down, including a drip edge and underlayment. This is a specialized fabric product that is installed over the entire roof to create a waterproof layer.

Flashing & Waterproofing – Next, roofers need to protect roof valleys and things that interrupt the roofing like chimneys or vents. Flashing is installed around these structures, and valleys get extra layers of underlayment to ensure proper waterproofing.

Install Roofing Materials – The main part of any new roof installation is the roofing materials. Though different types of roofing are installed differently, professional roofers are trained to install them all.

Property Clean-Up – Reputable roofers will always leave a property very clean after they install a new roof, so property owners don’t have to worry about finding broken shingles in the flowerbed or stepping on discarded nails.

Brownsboro TX’s Trusted Roof Installation Experts: JDM Roofing & Construction LLC

If you need a roof replacement or a new roof in North Texas, you have roofing experts on your side. With years of experience with both insurance and roofing, we can help you protect your assets with a new roof at the best price. Contact us today for a free roof inspection!

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Common Roof Leaks in Edom TX

There are several common types of roof leaks in Edom TX and around North Texas that homeowners need to understand before they call roofers out to their home. Sure, homeowners don’t need to know everything about roof work, but it’s important to understand where roof leaks come from.

JDM Roofing & Construction, Edom TX’s best roofers, have the right roof repair solutions for all these common roof leaks, and we’ll work with our homeowners to find the best roofing services for their needs.

Common Roof Leaks in Edom TX

Let’s break down the sources of the most common roof leaks.

  1. Poor Roof Installation – If the roofing materials weren’t properly installed in the first place, then cracks and shifting can occur in the roofing, opening up the roof to leaks. This can happen in valleys, around skylights and chimneys, or anywhere on the roof.
  2. Lack of Roof Maintenance – Neglecting storm damage, not cleaning out gutters regularly, letting mold grow on the roof, or otherwise not maintaining your roofing will lead to leaks as the roofing breaks down.
  3. Roof Age – Over time, roofing materials and roof structures will weaken; that’s just a natural process. Most roofs only last around 15 – 25 years, so if it’s been a while, it’s worth it to get a roof inspection.
  4. Leaks Around Roof Flashing – If your flashing isn’t installed correctly, it can end up pulling away from the roofing materials and causing leaks. The tar that connects flashing to roofing can also break down over time.
  5. Storm Damage to the Roof – Storms are a real test of roofing with high winds, hail stones, and heavy rains. Wind can tear off or shift shingles; hail stones can shift shingles or dent metal roofing; and heavy rains wear away granules on the roof surface.

JDM Roofing & Construction: Best Roof Repair Contractors in Edom TX

If your roof is starting to form leaks, or maybe you’ve been dealing with roof leaks for years, you need a local roofing company with experience and integrity.

Contact JDM Roofing & Construction, Edom TX’s most reputable roofers, for a roof inspection to find the source of your roof leaks.

Hiring a Quality Roofer

When homeowners need to hire a quality roofer in Hawkins TX, they might be worried about what questions to ask and how to ensure they’ll get quality roofing work. Luckily, local homeowners have professional licensed roofers on their side. JDM Roofing & Construction, Hawkins TX’s most reputable roofing company, is so confident that we can help local homeowners that we’ll go over things to ask when hiring a quality roofer.

Hiring a Quality Roofer

Signs of a Reputable Local Roofing Company

  • Has a robust internet presence
  • Plenty of testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Members of local organizations like the BBB
  • Holds insurance policies and professional licensing for all roofers
  • Provides detailed roofing estimates for all work

Questions to Ask A Potential Roofer

  • Will I have a dedicated person of contact during the roofing work?
  • How long have you been in the roofing business?
  • Can you explain all the items on your estimate?
  • Do you offer guarantee your roofing work?
  • What steps will you take to keep my property clean?
  • What kind of warranties do your roofing materials carry?
  • Can you help me file a homeowners insurance claim for the roofing work?

Roofers and Homeowners Insurance

Your roofing company should be working for you with your homeowners insurance to make sure that you get the work you need without having to pay too much out of pocket. We have experience not only with roofing but also with the ins and outs of insurance claims, so we can help you file with your insurance company as well as provide all necessary paperwork.

JDM Roofing & Construction: Hawkins TX’s Quality Roofers

With decades of experience in roofing services around North Texas, JDM Roofing & Construction is the best choice for local homeowners who need a new roof, a roof replacement, or storm damage repair.

If you need a quality roofer, don’t wait! Contact us right away!

Typical Roofing Costs in Lindale TX

For homeowners in Lindale TX, JDM Roofing & Construction is the reputable roofing company who can protect your Texas home with a brand new roof. Whether you’re replacing an old roof or building your dream home, we’ve got the experience with all types of roofs and roofing materials to make sure your house or business has the right roof for your needs.

A major factor for most homeowners and business owners in getting roofing work done is cost, and they may be wondering about the typical roofing costs in Texas. Let’s go through the costs associated with roofing in Lindale TX and surrounding areas. The knowledgeable roofers at JDM Roofing & Construction can give you a better estimate with a free roof inspection.

Typical Roofing Costs in Lindale TX

Factors Affecting Roofing Costs

  • Size of your roof
  • Type of roofing material
  • Time of year for roofing services
  • Roofing contractor availability
  • Roof design
  • Additional roof elements like soffits & fascia
  • Extra services like gutters or siding

National Average Roofing Costs

If we’re talking about a 1,600 square foot house with asphalt shingles, the average roof cost is between $4,500 and $6,500. Premium roofing materials, assuming the same size roof, would add between $3,000 and $10,000. These roofing estimates also vary because of roofer availability, season, roof size, complexity of the roof design, and labor costs.

Average Roofing Costs in Texas

To install a 30 year shingle roof with a simple sloped roof design, the average for a new roof in Texas is a little lower than the national average, ranging from $4,000 to $6,000.

Roofing Material Costs Per Square Foot

  • 3-tab Shingles: $350
  • Architectural Shingles: $360
  • Metal Panels: $825
  • Rubber Roofing: $610
  • Plastic Membrane Roofing: $675
  • Natural Slate: $1,000

JDM Roofing & Construction: Trusted Local Roofers

Contact Lindale TX’s trusted roofers, JDM Roofing & Construction, to get your free roof inspection and detailed estimate of what roofing services are best for your property.

Types of Asphalt Shingles Available in Canton TX

If you’re looking for a new roof or need a roof replacement in the Canton Texas area, JDM Roofing & Construction is the trusted roofing contractor to help. With years of experience in roofing and relationships with reputable roofing manufacturers, we can install, repair, or replace your asphalt shingle roof for the best price. Let’s look at what different kinds of asphalt shingles are available for our valued property owners in Canton TX.

Types of Asphalt Shingles Available in Canton TX

First of all, it’s important to know that the term “asphalt shingles” is the same as “composite shingles” because most are a composite material, meaning they’re made up of different materials. Asphalt shingles, in general, are made of a layer of fiberglass fabric, a thin asphalt layer, and then mineral granules. Even within this definition, there are a variety of types of asphalt shingle roofing, including:

  • 3-Tab or Strip Shingles – The name of this very basic kind of shingles comes from the way they are arranged. Strip shingles are just that, a strip of roofing material with several shingles on it, and they’re placed in a staggered pattern to provide a waterproof seal.
  • Dimensional Shingles – Also called architectural shingles, these are fast becoming the most popular style. They have several layers of asphalt shingle material fused together to make a thicker, heavier shingle with a more multi-dimensional look.
  • Luxury Shingles – The highest quality dimensional shingles on the market are referred to as luxury, and they are a heavier version of architectural shingles that mimic the look of wooden shake or slate roofing.

Your Trusted Local Roofers: JDM Roofing & Construction

In DFW area towns like Canton, JDM Roofing & Construction are the trusted roofers because we’ve been serving the area for decades, leaving satisfied roofing customers in our wake. Our partnerships with the most reputable roofing material manufacturers let us bring our customers the very best in asphalt shingles, dimensional shingles, metal roofing, and more.

If you’re considering shingles for your new roof or roof replacement, contact us today!

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