Roof Replacement

Needing a new roof can be scary for homeowners, but your trusted local roofing company can make it easy. In Northeast Texas, JDM Roofing & Construction is this trusted roofing company for roof replacement services.

Roofing Material Options

The choice of roofing material is central to the lifespan of your roof and your home’s curb appeal. We offer plenty high quality material options for your new roof, including:

Our Proven Roof Replacement Process

JDM Roofing & Construction will be with you every step of the way.

  • Roof Inspection – We provide detailed roof inspections to be able to plan for construction of a new roof, including identifying parts of the roof system that need to be upgraded or replaced.
  • Your Roofing Options – Our roofing experts go over all the options with you and explain every aspect of your new roof so you understand the scope of work.
  • Quality Roof Replacement – We remove your existing roof and fully install a brand new roof system that will protect your home for decades.
  • Property Cleanup – We don’t leave your residential property littered with roofing nails and debris, but ensure that it’s clean and beautiful just like your new roof!
  • Ongoing Customer Care – Our service doesn’t end with your new roof; our roofing experts are available to answer any questions or help with professional roof repairs.

The JDM Roofing & Construction Difference

At JDM Roofing & Construction, we place a high value on bringing our customers the very best and leaving their properties worlds better than we found them. We use only the highest rated roofing materials, install them with exceptional workmanship, and work with your homeowners insurance to get you the best value in your new roof.

If your home needs a roof replacement, contact us right away! Our roof replacement expert will inspect your property and help you get the best protection for your Northeast Texas home!

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