Roof Repair

When your roof is failing, whether from a recent storm or just time, you need professional roof repair services from a reputable roofing company who knows your local area.

Lasting Roof Repairs in Northeast Texas

In Northeast Texas, JDM Roofing & Construction is the trusted roofing company for all kinds of roof repairs, whether they’re an emergency repair after a big storm or fixing a leak that’s been going on for months. We can even replace a roof that’s starting to fail after another company botched the job.

4 Steps to Quality Roof Repair Services

  • Inspection – After a free roof inspection, our roofing experts go over our repair options with homeowners to determine the best roofing solutions for their budget.
  • Scope of Work – We always provide a detailed estimate and quote with a list of all work to be done and materials we’ll use. This quote can be used for insurance companies too.
  • Execution – Using the best workmanship in the industry, we’ll execute your roof repair solution in record time and make sure your property is clean when we leave.
  • Follow Up – Our experienced roofers won’t disappear once the work is done; a manager will visit afterwards and make sure everything was done to your satisfaction.

Types of Roofing Repair Solutions

  • Leak Repairs – Roof leaks can be scary, but our roofing experts can get to the bottom of the problem and get them fixed quickly. We’ll save you from expensive roof replacement by identifying and permanently repairing the trouble spots on your roof.
  • Storm Damage Repairs – After a storm, you can have missing shingles, dented roofing, or any number of damage to your home, but we’re experienced with fixing all kinds of exterior storm damage repairs, even soffits, fascia, or flashing!

JDM Roofing & Construction: Trusted Roof Repair Experts in NE Texas

If your roof has suffered damage for any reason, don’t hesitate! Contact JDM Roofing & Construction right away!

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