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For years, JDM Roofing & Construction has been serving Mineola TX and surrounding communities with the best professional roofing services raging from storm damage roof repairs to new roof installation. Our residential roof replacement services are second to none, as we only use the highest quality materials installed with exceptional workmanship, and we can work with your homeowners insurance to get you the best deal.

Best Roofing Service in Mineola TX

  • New Roof installation

  • Roofing Material Choices

  • Storm Damage Roof Repair

  • Roof Replacements

  • Commercial Roofing

  • To ensure we only provide the highest level of workmanship, we only employ reputable roofers with experience and training in the roofing industry, and we carry insurance on all roofers.
  • Our company is totally customer focused and always communicates throughout the job so that our clients understand what is happening with their valued properties.
  • With our roofing experience, we can also help local businesses improve their commercial property values with new roofing that meets their needs.

All About Mineola TX

First founded when the railroads went through the state in the late 1800s, Mineola Texas now lies where US Highways 69 and 80 meet. Located in Wood County only 80 miles from Dallas, Mineola had a 2010 US Census population of just over 4,500. The name is a portmanteau of the founder’s daughter and her friend, Ola and Minnie. After the town’s official incorporation of 1877, the town quickly grew, and by 1900, it had a population of 2,000, several churches, its own newspaper, schools, hotels, and banks. It has been the site of the Wood County Fair since that time, as well. The town has long been considered part of the East Texas timber belt, or an area heavily forested with pine trees that brought wealth to the area, though agriculture and later oil were also major exports from the area.

Because of its location along highways, the town remains a shipping center to this day. There are also plenty of beautiful natural areas to explore, including at nearby Lake Holbrook, where visitors can enjoy fishing and boating. The quaint downtown area is a great place to visit, with many historic buildings housing cafes and shops, as well as the Select Theatre, a historic venue.

Costs for a New Roof in Mineola TX

If you’re replacing an old roof or building your dream home, the thought of the costs for a new roof in your area can be really scary! With a wide variety of roofing materials from 3-tab asphalt shingles to natural slate roof tiles, there’s also a wide range of costs for roof installation or replacement. Things like roofing contractor availability and the weather can also affect the cost of a new roof, but Texas homeowners have an experienced roofing company on their side.

DM Roofing & Construction, Mineola TX’s trusted roofing company, has decades of experience with installing and replacing roofs. We not only offer the best workmanship in the roofing business, we also offer the best value for our roofing services. Let’s look at how northeast Texas stacks up against national averages for roofing costs.

Costs for a New Roof in Mineola TX

The cost for a brand new roof depends on several factors, including:

  • Size, or square footage, of the home
  • The complexity of the roof design
  • Whether contractors need to remove an existing roof
  • Roof financing options
  • What kind of roofing materials homeowners choose

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

The cost for a new roof on a small house (2,000 square feet) with a simple roof design and no tear-off of an old roof cost between $5,500 and $8,000 nationally, but it’s only between $4,750 and $6,500 in Texas.

Dimensional Shingle Roofs

For thicker architectural shingles guaranteed for 50 years on the same size house, it costs between $6,000 and $8,750 to install a new roof.

New Metal Roofs

For a 2,000 square foot standing seam metal roof, cost ranges between $13,500 and $19,000 for roof installation.

JDM Roofing & Construction, Mineola TX’s Trusted Roofing Company

No matter what kind of new roof you’re considering, JDM Roofing & Construction is the full-service roofing company to make your dreams come true for the lowest cost.

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