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For many years, JDM Roofing & Construction LLC has been Alba TX’s most trusted and reliable new roof installation and roofing repair experts. We have been providing high quality roofing services to the area for over twenty years, utilizing our vast knowledge of storm damage, insurance assessment, and roofing materials to serve both commercial and residential customers.

Best Roofing Contractors in Alba TX

  • New Roof installation
  • Roof Replacement
  • Real Estate Roof Inspections
  • Quality Roofing Materials
  • Emergency Roofing Services

  • As customer satisfaction is our number one priority, quality workmanship and focused customer service are the most fundamental values of our roofing business.
  • We always strive to get you the best deal with all roofing work, as we have over 30 years of experience with insurance companies, both in insurance claims and in insuring our roofing contractors properly.
  • Transparency with our scope of work and our pricing is a constant, since customers are always a focus, from the initial inspection of a roof all the way to the final quality checks.

All About Charming Alba TX

Located at the intersection of Farm To Market Road 17 and U.S. Highway 69 in Wood County Texas, Alba TX had a population of 504 as of the 2010 U.S. Census. Alba has long been a small rural community, but it’s got lots to enjoy, including a slice of Texas history. A gunsmith named Joseph Simpkins was the first to properly settle the Alba TX area in 1843, with the Alba Oilfield being discovered to the south in 1848 by F.R. Jackson. In 1900, coal deposits began to be discovered locally, putting the town heavily on the map for natural fuels.

Given that it has proximity to a sizable amount of water, much of what one can do in Alba TX revolves around the waterfront. Pop’s Landing lets you rent a boat slip for the night cheaply, permitting you to experience the waters of Texas freely. There are many rustic cabins in the area, as well as notable ranches that have activities for the entire family to participate in. Alba is a great place to get away from the city life and enjoy the peaceful side of Texas!

Is It Time to Repair, Patch, or Replace Your Roof?

Roof issues can be tough for homeowners and business owners because of the expense involved in most roofing services, so it can be hard to know if it’s time to repair, patch, or replace your roof. Homeowners in North Texas have a reputable roofing company on their side.

JDM Roofing & Construction LLC, Alba TX’s most trusted roofers, not only have the right roofing services to repair leaks, but they can also replace your roof with high quality roofing materials that will last for years.

Is it time to repair, patch, or replace your roof?

Here’s some of the ways to know what kind of roofing services will best help protect your home or commercial building.

Signs You Need Roof Repair

There are both obvious and subtle signs of roof damage. Obvious damage like missing shingles usually results in roof leaks that discolor or warp paint in the interior of the home. More subtle signs like mold growth or shifted roofing materials need regular roof inspections to uncover.

When Roof Patching Can Work

If you have roof damage that’s localized to a certain area, patching that part of the roof with new shingles or other roofing materials can take care of that damage. This type of roof repair is only recommended for roofs that are under 20 years old and only have that one area of damage.

When It’s Time for Roof Replacement

One of the major signs that roof replacement is the best course is that there are different areas of damage. When your roof is nearing the end of its warranty or is over 20 years old, it can be time for a replacement, even if there aren’t obvious leaks.

JDM Roofing & Construction LLC: Alba TX’s Trusted Roofers

If you’re dealing with roof leaks or worried about your roof developing problems, call the most reputable roofers in North Texas, JDM Roofing & Construction, for a free roof inspection.

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